Thursday, October 7, 2010


if you know me (and i should hope you do, unless you love to lamely check out blogs by people you don't know), you know i have had a longstanding prejudice against blogs/the people that keep them. it's not at all that i hate any/everyone in the blogosphere, but i have always found it a bit strange that people would create a page online, available to the public eye, which had the sole purpose of talking about their own lives/thoughts/activities. like, really? but then, i found blogs that i loved. and i realized that i love reading the blogs of friends far away, whose lives are nothing like my own at this moment so that i can feel a part of their journey as well.

hopefully, as my friends, you know by now that i am living in buenos aires at this moment in time. this is my third week here, and this will be my home until sometime next july or august. if you are a random person reading this, you probably are good enough at stalking that you already know that as well (congratulations on your skills, if strangers like you are out there. i'm not even mad, i'm impressed). i am here with a team from mission year, working and living at a church outside of the city and near several poorer communities and shantytowns. we are just now starting to get settled and figure out where we will be volunteering, so i still can't really say for sure what all we will be doing while we are here...hopefully, all of that will become known at some point in time. :)

this blog will not be anything fancy. i have no idea how any of this works (which is surprising, i know, since i am normally such a whiz with technology) but i want to keep you guys updated on fun/exciting developments here, as well as things you can be praying for as we join in ministries here and eventually create some of our own. i will try to figure out at some point how to add pictures so you can feel a bit more a part of this adventure. 

peace, amigos!


  1. Things that are pathetic:

    -How quickly I'm leaving you a comment
    -Me reading the word "shantytowns" as "skankytowns" and laughing out loud about it

    Things that will never be pathetic:
    -This blog
    -The BACKGROUND! Amazing. Is this a picture you took??
    -The title. Don't know what it means. Don't care. Love it.

    Bye now.

  2. hi i love you

  3. Yay! I am so excited about this! SO EXCITED! Love you! MUAH!